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Drop Pendant

Drop Pendant

SEK 10490

We are happy to present our Drop Lamp. Drop re-uses the waste cut from our Splash Pendant. The negative space from our previous pendant becomes the Drop fixture itself. By doing so, we save up to 35% of the material on a single sheet of aluminum in production. Material that would have been wasted otherwise. The name originates from its ”mother” lamp. This is a Drop from a "bigger Splash". The Drop Lamp comes in two different sizes and is produced from 100% recycled aluminum. The aluminum discs are held together with brass distances and brass bolts.

Install as a pendant or wall. For home, retail, public, and hospitality spaces.

Product Details:

L 270 mm

D 120 mm

Weight: 1 kg

Cord length: up to 2500 mm

For more info, please refer to spec sheet.

Custom colors are made to order. Request only

Color:Silver, Raw Aluminum

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